Mike Erwin
PGA Golf Professional
$50 per session
$160 for a package of 4 sessions ($40)
Benefits of our program:

  • Parent's Night
  • Children are screened with video reports sent to parents
  • Other sports are introduced: tennis, volleyball, and badminton
  • Age appropriate skills are used to asses each child
  • Classes run for three hours
  • 6:1 student ratio

Level Three: Ages 13-15
In our level three classes students must have passed our level two skills test and have a good understanding of the game. We begin training the students to play, practice, and lower their scores. Skills testing is introduced at a high level and emphasis is placed on playing the game.
Level Two: Ages 9-12
Our focus is on teaching the students how to play the game and we spend time on the golf course. Students must pass level one skills test before moving on to level two.
Level One: Ages 5-8
An introduction of the fundamental movement skills required to play golf
are introduced. Children are introduced to our level one skills test and reorganized as they progress.

One Day Junior Golf Classes

Our one day junior golf program is open to all junior's who want to learn the game of golf. This program is designed to educate the student's on golf and its ethic's.  The program is developed from our junior golf camp. It concentrates on smaller sections to help student's advance through the program. It also make's it an easy transition between the camps and classes and is recommended for any kid that need assistant passing our camp test's.

Each class includes 90 minutes of instruction, theme for the day,
and a 6:1 student to teacher ratio to guarantee an exceptional experience
Junior Golf Camps

Our one week junior golf camps run from 8:30 - 11:30 a.m. and 12:00 - 3:00 p.m.
Monday - Thursday with Friday's open for rain, make-up, or bonus days. Our philosophy is to create an environment where kids feel comfortable to come to the golf course with emphasis on having fun while learning. We incorporate other sports that are similar to golf to expedite the learning process.
Each Class has a theme for the day and are separated by age and abilities.
For more details and to discuss what
you would like out of our classes please contact us today.